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We Build Cabins, Cottages, Year-Round Residences and Lodges

About Cottage Country

Cottage Country® has been opening up some of Nova Scotia's most pristine lands for years. Over the years they have provided the finest recreational, vacation and retirement properties in the province at affordable prices.

The challenge has been to create well planned communities with miles of lake frontage, large lakes, sheltered coves, beautiful forests, rivers and streams. The Cottage Country® philosophy ensures that all communities are created with the least impact on the land and with ecology in mind. Cottage Country® has also been recognized for having the least impact on your pocketbook too. They work hard to keep prices affordable, and over the years, they have introduced in-house guaranteed financing programs.

The story of Cottage Country® begins in 1971, when Bruce McDow acquired a parcel of land in New Ross, Nova Scotia. He soon began receiving phone calls from people asking if he was interested in selling pieces of the lakefront property as cottage lots. "I was only planning to build a home on it, so I certainly didn't need it all", he recalls. "The first year I sold a few lots, and in the second year there was more demand. By 1974, I realized that it was an opportunity that could work into a full time business." years later Cottage Country® has developed 48 communities, a total of 5,000 properties, and built between 1,500-1,600 homes and cottages.

In the 1970's and 80's most of the demand for these types of properties came from within Nova Scotia, much of it from the metro Halifax region. Since the beginning of the 1990's and the advent of the global economy, an increasing percentage of the demand and inquiries are coming from outside Nova Scotia and they are ready to meet the challenge.

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